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Animals — Moderated discussions related to animal theology

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Animals was established in 2021 for anyone interested in discussing the teachings of the Baha'i Faith on the animal kingdom. We interact with animals, from mites to mammals, regularly. They impact our lives, and humans continue to impact and dominate them, to the point of mass extinction and loss of biodiversity. What does this say about who we are? As the Baha'i teachings are meant for a new era on Earth, what does it have to say about the animal kingdom? What vision do we have for a future Earth and the other dwellers here?

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List rules
No forwarding
There are many reasons for our firm no-forwarding rule: information may be sensitive, confidential, inaccurate, private, or be awaiting publication or review. Do not quote from Animals messages in order to share them in the world beyond this list, without the permission from the sender/author (and whether they want their name associated with the quote). Sometimes a message seems to have publicly-available information such as a quote from a newspaper or website, in which case you need to paste a sentence from it into Google or find the article on the web before sharing it, because links shared here may be private links made specially for Animals that are not visible to others on the web. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and ask the sender for advice.
Keep it relevant
To keep our inboxes uncluttered, the moderators may place temporary email limits (e.g., 3 posts per member per day) if/when discussions become too boisterous.
Not unlike a graduate-school class, email discussion can sometimes become heated or argumentative. This list has steps in place to prevent that from happening here. Please be polite, so that the moderators will not need to intervene.
Reporting issues
Any and all issues that a list member may have related to the speech of another list member should be directed in private to the administrator, and not to other members of the list or to the list itself. The administrator will make every effort to resolve issues quickly.
Keep personal replies off-list
The purpose of the list is to facilitate the exchange of information between scholars. If your contribution is limited to something like "I agree," "congratulations," or "send me a copy too," please reply privately and not to the group as a whole.
Real names
For the sake of list management, the administrator needs to know the real identity of every account holder.

Animals admin/moderator
Carole Flood, plus the administrator Jonah Winters, comprise the Animals board.
Membership criteria have not been formally defined. All are welcome to participate. Email to subscribe.
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